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Our Close Protection teams provide security services for diplomats

and commercial clients in high-risk and complex environments.


We have been providing Executive Close Protection to clients throughout The United States, the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean. Our specialized, low profile teams comprise highly trained former US and UN Special Forces professionals skilled in protecting diplomats, commercial clients, and development staff who operate in high-threat or complex environments that are at risk of physical attack or be a potential hostage target. Our teams are customized to each client's individual requirements with consideration given to the operating environment, very latest threat state, and security profile.


Plancher Security accrued global experience since our Chief Executive Officer, Yvon Plancher worked with United Nations as a peacekeeping Police Officer in the field and later served as a Security and Safety Officer at the United Nations Headquarters in the New York Secretariat building. As a Peace-Keeping Officer and a Close Protection Officer. Mr. Plancher served to protect many politically important figures from danger.


Mr. Plancher was selected by the United Nations DSS Department and received the highest security training. Mr. Plancher graduated among some of the best police officers around the world and provided Close Protection and Security for the most important public figures such as heads of state, heads of government, and ambassadors. 


Our staff's past training and continued experience give our team the knowledge to foresee ongoing threats which give them the ability to conduct systematic risks assessment and implement strategies vulnerability to our high profile individuals and our security personnel. 


Plancher Security has worked with high and low-risk profiles and provided Close Protection (Body Guards) to a number of high-profile celebrities and CEOs. In some cases, our Close Protection Security Personnel utilizes an armored vehicle, which protects them and the VIP.

Plancher Security & Investigation, LLC

(239)  703 - 7928

1950 Courtney drive, Suite #203,

Fort Myers, Florida 33901


P.I Agency License # A15000018       

Security Agency License # B1500015    

Security Officer School LiCense # DS1500055


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