Our Electronic Security Division provides the absolute best equipment on the market today. 

Electronic Security & CCTV

Plancher Security have specialists in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of CCTV camera systems. For CCTV surveillance in any type of property: commercial, domestic or public sector areas, trust in Plancher Security for a personalised and customised approach to your surveillance needs. We have been the security industry since 2012, and are uniquely placed to understand the different range of needs of all of our customers. We develop a strong security strategy, that will put your mind at ease.

The Benefits of CCTV

CCTV camera systems may seem unnecessary or have negative connotations, however there are benefits of CCTV surveillance. A diverse range of applications: installation is possible in parks, public spaces, private residences, factories and a multitude of other commercial settings. Improves on safety: CCTV can help to alleviate your staff’s safety concerns and also provide an extra deterrent to would-be intruders or offenders. Comprehensive surveillance: They provide an added layer of protection for your valuable stock or personal possessions. This ensures that your most vulnerable assets are always protected. Thorough surveillance with CCTV, means that the Plancher Security team are able to make a rapid and effective response, 24 hours a day.

We have the latest in technologies and home security. Drones!

The newest way to effectively secure and explore without putting yourself physically in harm's way.













Here's how it works: The Home Awareness System relies on the drone and a handful of in-ground smart lights to watch over your house. It detects motion, vibration and sound. By analyzing this data, the system can distinguish between a human, a car and animals. To do so, it uses artificial intelligence to identify the disturbance and determine if it's potentially dangerous. For example, trusted visitors such as mail delivery persons will be recognized by how they approach the home and how long they stand at the front door. When a person approaches and lingers outside the back door, it will send a push notification to your smartphone and ask if you'd like to investigate.  If you say yes, the drone will lift off from its perch — on a balcony, deck or patio — and fly autonomously to where the suspicious person is located. The drone — 30 feet up — hovers near the visitor until you tell it to return to its nest. The app includes an option for a homeowner to notify local police. False alarms are a common problem for home alarm systems. We suggest sending the drone to investigate before calling the police will solve this issue. The system also has the benefit of keeping an eye on all of your property. Most alarm systems are setup to guard only the entries and exits to a home. The propellers automatically shut off if they hit anything and are designed to be quiet due to its broad size.

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