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Statewide Firearm License

Armed Security COURSE


(3-DAYS / 28 HourS)



armed security

28-hr annual
armed security

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Beginner Package:
Everything is included; all materials and supplies will be provided.
Advanced Package:
Student(s) must provide their own firearm, 150 rounds of ammunition, belt/holster, and 2-3 magazines.
*Safety gear and other training materials will be provided to all students.*

day 1:

classroom training

9:00 am - 7:00 pm

day 2:

classroom training

9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Day 3:

outdoor range training

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

"Advanced" courses DO NOT include firearm/magazines, ammunition, belt, and holster.

Firearm and ammunition is ONLY included in the "D & G Beginner Bundle" and "Beginner G License"


Firearms & Ammunition Requirements:

A Class “G” license may carry a .38 caliber revolver; or a .380 caliber or 9mm9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol; or a .357 caliber revolver with .38 caliber ammunition only; or a .40 caliber handgun; or a .45 ACP handgun while performing duties authorized under this chapter. A licensee may not carry more than two firearms upon her or his person when performing her or his duties. A licensee may only carry a firearm of the specific type and caliber with which she or he is qualified pursuant to the firearms training referenced in subsection (8) or s. 493.6113(3)(b).

The FLORIDA CLASS "G" LICENSE will teach students firearms safety, the principles of marksmanship, firearms mechanics, and liability. Skill development shall include marksmanship fundamentals, loading, and unloading, the 4-step draw, and clearing malfunctions. 


When the student receives the Class “G” Security License he or she will then be able to work security or as a private investigator in an armed capacity. Our security training school has the best reputation for armed security training.


All Statewide Firearms G Course material is in compliance with Florida Statute 493 and Florida Administrative Code legal guideline 5N-1.


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