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Together Everyone Achieves More.
The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.



Yvon Plancher has eighteen (18) years of professional law enforcement experience of which he began his enforcement career in 11/00 with the Fort Myers Police Department where he worked as a Community Service Aide and worked his way up to Police Officer in 12/01. During the tenure with that department, he held assignments as Patrol, J.A.M Unit (Juvenile, Arrest, and Monitor) and Cross designate Special Investigator for State Attorney’s office. He holds certificates on Community Policing, Police Biking, CIT (Crisis Intervention Training), Anti-Terrorism and Hostage Negotiation.

Mr. Plancher holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’ Degree in Public Business Administration, he holds instructor certifications in Use of Force, NRA Pistol Instructor, Field Training Officer and Florida General Instructor Techniques Course, Security Officer Instruction License, Private Investigation License and Security Agency and Security School and training facility License with the State of Florida. Mr. Plancher has a D, G, DI, M Security license with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

In August 2006 through August 2008 Mr. Plancher was working as a United Nations Police officer with the peacekeeping mission in Haiti MINUSTAH. During the tenure, Mr. Plancher was assigned to the Police Academy as a Use-Of-Force instructor and become the Section Chief Supervisor of the Field Coaching Unit. He also taught advanced training on First Aid, Crime Scene, First Responder and Community Policing. Mr. Plancher assignment was too supervised over fifteen United Nations Police Officers, which are responsible to train the Haitian National Police in the field.

In February 2008 through November 2010 Mr. Plancher returned as a United Nations Police Investigator to the peacekeeping mission in Haiti MINUSTAH for a second tour of duty.  Later he moved up as Section Chief Supervisor for the Vetting Unit and conducted an impartial background investigation on Haitian national police, Haitian civilian’s states employees and Haitian police applicants. Investigations consisted of checking employment personal references, credit checks, and neighborhood checks to ensure applicant’s moral-turpitude. Mr. Plancher also Participated in “sit-ins” to where both the investigator and administrator would strategically determine if the applicant(s) suitable for employment.

In November 2010 through November 2011 Mr. Plancher was recruited by United Nation Secretariat Headquarters in New York as a Security and Safety Officer with the (DSS) Department of Security and Safety and Mr. Plancher undergo Basis Security Officer Training at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Mr. Plancher assignment was to enforce the rules and policies in the Secretariat building and provided security for the staff members and visitor alike and supervised high, medium and low international meeting with Head of States and Ambassadors. Mr. Plancher also monitoring United Nations security video cameras surveillance system and perform functions and tasks as specifically assigned to by immediate supervisors.

On November 23, 2011, through March 2018 Mr. Plancher returned to Fort Myers Police Department where he regained his position as a police officer. Officer Plancher ended his career with the public sector and transition to the private sector a continued to strive and become a pride owner/ CEO of Plancher Security and Investigation, LLC which provides the highest level of private safety Security and Private Investigation services to all the State of Florida. Mr. Plancher also holds a certified Security School by the Department of Agriculture and Costumer, guided by professional standards with a commitment to openness, fairness and tolerance.



Mrs. Plancher is a Florida native, born and raised in police and military family. In 2014, Mrs. Plancher created Plancher Security & Investigation, LLC;  a security and investigation company, operated by police and military, built on years of accumulated training and experiences. Mrs. Plancher is the sole core creator of Plancher Security and Investigation, LLC. Mrs. Plancher has a very wide span of education and training which has been an essential part of Plancher Security by creating, communicating and implementing the organization's vision, mission, and overall direction.  Mrs. Plancher oversees every aspect of Plancher Security; from technology, corporate training, human resources, and is in charge of our administrative department.  Mrs. Plancher has prior work experience as a Managing Director in a private sector and as a Marketing Technologist in a marketing research firm. Mrs. Plancher brings fifteen years of experience in almost every function of Plancher Security and Investigation as well as a passion for improving the company through detailed organization and providing superior training outlines. Mrs. Plancher is state certified by The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and holds an active Class D Security Officer License and a Statewide Firearms Class G License. Mrs. Plancher is also a certified vendor by the Florida Department Of Education for Florida Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).  In 2018, Mrs. Plancher became a certified Firearm Instructor by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Mrs. Plancher's advanced knowledge and skills in graphic/website design, script coding, computer software and a background in Computer Science; makes it easy for her to maintain our company's website by keeping the site up-to-date and accurate; auditing and reviewing to discover potential security weaknesses, bugs and violations within programs; prioritizing office and business needs; among other vital tasks such as installing hardware; system installation and repairs; analyze source code on a line-by-line basis; reviewing authentication, authorization, session and communication mechanisms; maintaining and troubleshooting complex computer issues; completing computer security measures; hacker defense & anti-thief measures; configuring computer data; creating computer networks and software; offering technical support on-site, via phone or email; reformatting and editing content; custom websites, layouts and graphic design; determining technical requirements; creating back up files, soldering usb ports and repairs; along with social media support, marketing, promotions, and advertising.


Mr. Rodriguez career began twenty-eight (28) years ago as a Disc Jockey, following his passion adding eleven (11) years in Radio Broadcasting. Mr. Rodriguez (aka Mc Sandro) is recognized as the face and voice of 97.7 LATINO, a very popular local Spanish radio station, where he established relationships with listeners by providing entertainment and/or information of interest consistent with the format, genre, and targeted demographic audience. He prepared for air shifts using creativity, imagination and independent professional judgment in writing, producing, interviewing, taping or broadcasting on-air material while finalizing content using digital audio editing software and checked studio equipment for proper functioning and notifying engineering of technical malfunctions affecting the quality of the broadcast. Mr. Rodriguez's upbeat personality is inspiring when engaging on the air while relating to station audience.


Mr. Rodriguez pursued his dream within the Music/Entertainment Industry playing music at clubs, at festivals, and on the radio. Mr. Rodriguez also worked as a Promotional Administrator, where he was responsible for planning and managing campaigns to promote their companies’ products and services. Mr. Rodriguez promotes and advertises for local businesses, while continuously being involved in and supporting the community. Mr. Rodriguez is highly known throughout Southwest Florida. While working weekends at Viva Le Mirage. Mr. Rodriguez associated with many of the clubs doormen/bouncers and grew an interest in event security. 


In 2017 Mr. Rodriguez obtained his Florida Class D and Class G Security License. Several months later Mr. Rodriguez became Director of Operations and a Security Consultant for Plancher Security & Investigation by providing security evaluations and assessments in collaboration with sales staff, working independently, providing client's recommendations for improvements by researching and implementing new directives for business growth and prosperity while developing and implementing guidelines for new recruitment and promotions.


In 2018, Mr. Rodriguez became a Co-Founder of the Plancher Security (Latino) branch office. Mr. Rodriguez partnered with Plancher Security to further expand security training by providing translation and offering foreign language security classes. While providing more job opportunities and job placement in our local community. 


Mr. Rodriguez is a Certified NRA Instructor, teaching Basic Pistol Techniques and Concealed Carry Courses. Mr. Rodriguez is also is Florida state certified by The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and holds an active Class D Security Officer License and a Statewide Firearms Class G License.  Mr. Rodriguez also has his DI, Security Instructors License and teaches Florida Class D License Courses in both English and Spanish. 

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