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To become a Security Officer you need training.

To continue working as a Security Officer you need training.

To obtain skills you need to continue training.

Plancher Security Academy provides you with professional training to not only maintain the requirements needed, Our intensive training helps you achieve the skills and knowledge to surpass within the Security Profession.



Plancher Academy provides TASER Smart Weapon training for active duty law enforcement, military and selected security professionals. Get hands-on weapon training and practical knowledge from subject matter experts with vast experience in TASER products and an understanding of the complex issues that affect law enforcement around the world. This course provides the basic operational theory and practical training to instruct users to reasonably safely and effectively operate. This course is open to sworn law enforcement officers, military personnel, and licensed professional security employees.

  • TASER Cam and TASER Cam HD

  • Tactical considerations

  • Targeting

  • Risks associated with CEW use

  • Probe deployment and drive stun

  • Probe removal

  • Policy considerations

  • Post incident consideration

  • TASER technology

  • Neuro‐muscular incapacitation

  • Medical and safety information

  • Voluntary exposures

  • Legal issues


  • Power sources

  • Cartridges

OC Pepper Spray

Educating officers in proper application of OC / Pepper Spray products so that they have the training knowledge to use materials effectively, safely and humanely.


PLEASE NOTE: If you've previously been sprayed and wish to skip that part of the training, you must provide documentation before your next class. Without written proof that you've already been pepper sprayed, you will need to complete this part of the training again.
  • Recognize and reduce the threat

  • Determine how and when to use force

  • Effects of OC spray

  • Avoiding bad positions

  • Disengagement

  • Proper defensive positions

  • Shielding

  • Drawing techniques

  • Methods of movement

  • Defense against moving attacks

  • Spraying techniques

  • Multiple opponent defense

  • Proper weapon retention and disarming

  • Cautions/Hazards

  • Recovery/Decontamination

  • Functioning when contaminated

  • Storage/Maintenance

  • Proper OC incident documentation

Tactical Baton Training

This hands-on course trains participants in the operational use of the ASP Tactical Baton. The program is simple to learn and easy to understand. It provides effective defensive impact weapon tactics for law enforcement and private security personnel. The course provides portation and drawing procedures as well as striking techniques. These tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced and readily maintained long after the program is completed. The ASP Tactical Baton is designed to be used as an impact weapon. 

  • Moral and legal aspects of usage

  • Use of force

  • Baton familiarization and uses

  • First aid for baton injuries

  • Fundamentals of baton handling

  • Stances and grips

  • Target areas

  • Defensive techniques

  • Control techniques

  • Arrest and control techniques

Handcuffing Techniques 

The handcuffing techniques course is designed for public safety / security officers to reduce the potential of injury and liability risk when lawfully restraining and controlling an aggressive subject. The tactics and techniques in this training curriculum are for incidents where the officer is lawful and justified in applying a restraining device (handcuffs) to an subject.  This provides training and education that is designed to empower officers, increase awareness, knowledge and skills in handcuffing techniques, control & restraint, and defensive tactics strategies.


  • Defensive Verbalization

  • The Art of Distraction

  • Escape Strategies

  • Reactionary Gap

  • Hand Positions

  • Handcuffing Nomenclature

  • Chain, Hinged and Plastic Handcuffs

  • Rigid and Oversized Handcuffs

  • Care & Maintenance of Handcuffs

  • Handcuff Keys and Handcuff Holders

  • Loading Your Handcuffs

  • Handcuffing Stances

  • Handcuff Wrist Placement

  • Position of Hands

  • Standing Subject Positioning

  • Kneeling Subject Positioning

  • Prone Subject Positioning

  • Removing Handcuffs

  • Prone Control Positions

  • Positional Asphyxia





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