Plancher Security & Investigation, LLC


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1950 Courtney drive, Suite #203, Fort Myers, Florida 33901


P.I Agency Lic# A15000018       

Security Agency Lic# B1500015    

Security Officer School LiC# DS1500055


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It is best to look at a security guard company’s past experience and reviews when it comes to before making an informed decision, and to look for the best value, NOT the lowest hourly rate. 

Our Services Include:



Our Electronic Security Division provides the absolute best equipment on the market today. And our Physical Security / Protective Division provides highly trained and qualified officers for both the public and private sectors. Whether you need one officer or twenty, uniformed or plainclothes, Plancher Security can provide you with the security personnel you expect but seldom find.


PRIVATE Investigation
We provide a wide range of Investigative, Legal Support, and Information Services to both the public and private sectors. Our detectives systematically gather facts and evidence on behalf of our clients and present those facts in an easily understood and court proven format.


Home Watch 
Plancher Security Home Watch is a name you can trust to look after the things you value. It's simple, really. We watch your things when you can't! We visit your home or condo once a week and conduct a thorough inspection. 


Plancher Academy

At Plancher Security & Investigation, LLC we have our very own on-site security training academy school. Our training programs not only exceed the State’s requirements to be a security officer, it gives our students the knowledge & abilities of a professional. We lead from the front, our students are given the skills and resources necessary to overcome an ever-changing global environment in the personal & private security industry.

All client's needs are important to us, so we will look forward to hearing from you. We will always be glad to contact you and arrange a convenient time for your FREE consultation and a price quote.