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We understand that our guards can be the first point of contact for your business,  clients, and the general public, and positive first impressions are crucial.  Plancher Security personnel are selected and known for their experience, strong communications, report writing skills, and the immaculate presentation of themselves and their work.


We have licensed security professionals that are customer-focused and are able to work as part of a team. Focused training ensures our guards are best positioned and confident to safely deliver the highest level of service.


The presence of a uniform puts everyone at ease – both the community tourists, guests, and you, as the owner. Since there are so many vacant homes during the summer months and so many tourists and transient people... no neighborhood, no community, or building is truly safe without private security. Just the presence of a uniformed security guard on-site is a great deterrent to thieves and vandals.

security guard SERVICES

Plancher Security provides state-licensed security professionals that are customer-focused and thoroughly trained. We are committed to creating the highest level of security for all our clients. We offer a wide range of protective services.



We will provide licensed officers in high visibility, well-marked security vehicles to patrol and inspect your properties. In addition to patrolling and securing sites for private clients, our vehicle patrol units are equipped to support municipalities and law-enforcement agencies by handling disturbance calls, monitoring public areas, and public buildings, helping enforce municipal by-laws, and more.

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Plancher Security provides responsive & affordable golf cart patrol services for commercial & residential properties. Our patrolling methods allow easy navigation through constrained areas. Therefore, giving our golf cart patrol security guards a better approach to a situation.


We provide golf cart security patrol for all your needs. Our golf carts are equipped with high visibility amber Our guards also patrol on foot to secure areas golf carts cannot enter.

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home watch security SERVICES

Knowing your property is secure when you are away on holiday is worth a lot. That is why we offer neighborhood patrols and house checks. And if there is an issue or a triggered alarm, we respond quickly and effectively.

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