To Future Clients, 

Plancher Security focuses on quality over quantity. At Plancher Security we are very selective when it comes to building our companies team. We personally hand-pick and place the selected few through thorough screenings to intensive training which forms and ensures the most elite team in the industry today. 


Plancher Security is committed and known for giving the highest levels of customer service. Our team accommodates everyone, from the largest accounts to smaller local contracts. The quality of our customer service is just as important to us as the quality of our security guards in the overall experience for our clients. 

We believe in taking a more personal approach when it comes to marketing, networking and recruiting. That's good news for clients because it means that even during our busiest times, they'll be dealing with a knowledgeable, well-trained staff. Our approach is the result of a service philosophy that's woven through every level of the company. We value our relationship with you and we want you to feel the same. We aim to keep that personal connection that so many companies have become a stranger to. 


To Future Team,

If you are looking for a company to punch a time clock and make a quick dollar, we are not the company for you. If you are looking to be a part of a strong diverse team, have a secure career with possible advancements, work for a rapidly growing and successful company... Look no further!  




Plancher Security strongly enforces excellence. Our security officers are the "face" of the company and we believe that appearance reflects professionalism. While uniforms are provided, our guards/officers are expected to maintain a personal appearance of superior standards that mirror the uniform. Plancher Security's Team MUST keep a clean, fresh and professional appearance at all times. 



Becoming a Security Officer with Plancher Security means that you’ll play a vital role in ensuring our client's safety and security. You will need to use your communication and interpersonal skills, coupled with the ability to remain calm under pressure, to think quickly on your feet and maintain a professional manner.


Our excellence in recruiting, precise appearance and intensive training ensure that our Security Officers project the right image for our clients. The security industry job market demands people who exemplify responsibility and have the ability to maintain peace in various public spheres. Security guards, one of the better-known and widely available security positions, must, for example, spend a great deal of time cultivating an active presence on the premises of which the guard stands employed. The desired effect and the guard’s general duty remains to eliminate crime and the transgression of rules, protect people and property, respond to emergency situations, and provide civilians with a sounding board for observed suspicious behavior. Due to the nature of security jobs, guards often receive employment at institutions such as hospitals, elementary and secondary schools, venues that regularly host spectator sports, and bars or other public establishments where people may go to consume alcohol.

Do you believe you would make a great addition to the Plancher Security Team?? 


To apply for a position: 

Come by our office and fill out an application, 

Email the pdf application and/or resume.



 (If you choose to email your application, write "EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION" in the subject

or it may get confused with spam and be unseen)



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